Association of International Travel Agents


The Association of International Travel Agents is a non-profit organisation open to all Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Consolidators, Wholesalers and Receptive Agents worldwide.

In todays competitive markets and globalisation there is a strong need to cooperate closely and globally, exchange ideas, deals and commissions with fellow agents. 

This collaboration and cooperation is a must, especially for the small and midsized independent agency in order to stay ahead of the competition.

We invite Agents from all over the world to become a member and/or participate in our yearly meetings.


AITA 2008 Summit in Orlando Florida


Back in the 1980's, AITA was born. This, since independent, small and midsized retail travel agencies faced strong competition from the chains, whose size and buying power created a situation where the "small and independent agency" hardly could compete. 

A few clever Travel Agents from the USA, Europe and Asia created a network and started, what has become an ongoing exchange around ideas and local deals. 

AITA was created as a platform for this global exchange. Now our members can react quicker than the big chains and have access to similar and often better deals compared to the big chains.

AITA members are working closely together, helping and assisting each other. With one common goal, higher profits!! 

Only together, united, can we pool our resources and cope with the pressures of the market of today while remaining competitive and, more importantly, independent.

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Rudolf M. Seiberlich

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